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The Turner Wing Chun Academy was founded in 2017 as a doorway to modern self defence using the ancient art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Classes are small and are focused on the needs of the individual.
Whether you need some quick important lessons on self defence, or if you strive to dedicate many years to the study of the full Wing Chun system, the Turner Wing Chun Academy accommodates to all levels and abilities.

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Our Wing Chun course is designed with a full syllabus and with progression grades awarded when certain criteria are met, in both ability and knowledge from the fundamentals through to mastering the full Wing Chun system.
Progression pace is purely down to the student, we do not hold people back and if you work hard, you can progress through the Wing Chun system very quickly. 
Our aim is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the full Wing Chun system so that they can effectively implement Wing Chun, not only as a form of self defence, but also as a means to tackle and deal with all aspects of life.
We want our students to be driven, to be focused, but to also be creative and imaginative, as we can only show you the path, it's down to you to walk it.



Our self defence course has been developed to help give you the ability to protect yourself and others if you find yourself in a physical confrontation.
You will be taught the basics of how to quickly protect yourself and how to disable an attacker or group of attackers.
You will be shown how to improve your 
awareness and how to process all areas of your immediate surroundings and environment.
You will find a boost to your self confidence, fitness, balance, self-discipline and social skills. 
Knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself and others gives you the confidence and drive to fully explore the world and meet new people and experience all aspects of life.


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Currently running private sessions that are via invitation or recomendation only.
We also do not offer classes to anyone under the age of 18.


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