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Sifu Charlie Turner

With over 20 years martial experience, dedicating over a decade to Wing Chun Kung Fu, Sifu Charlie lends a modern hand to the ancient art of Wing Chun. With a vast tutelage in various Wing Chun lineages including Lee Shing, Joseph Lee Wing Chun. Sifu Charlie has first hand experience on how to develop and expand on many different Wing Chun theories and techniques, and strives for the ability to be highly adaptive when practicing and teaching.

As one of the youngest active Wing Chun teachers in the UK, Sifu Charlie is able to provide a youthful exuberance to Wing Chun's practical capabilities.

Vastly experienced in many other Martial systems, including dedicated combat styles such as Muay Thai and K-1 kick boxing, Sifu Charlie incorporates these systems into the Turner Wing Chun Academy syllabus.

A few words from Sifu: " I've been blessed with some legendary teachers over the years, and have experienced a great deal throughout my own personal Martial journey. Everyday I strive to better myself and my abilities, and I hope that I can project this to help all of my own students to surpass and exceed their own expectations of themselves."

Si-Hing Justin Prentice

Sihing Justin is a fully certified level 3 instructor at the Turner Wing Chun Academy, specializing in the 3 open hand forms: 
- Siu Lim Tao

- Chum Kiu

- Biu Jee

Extensively experienced Martial Artist, having trained in Judo for almost 20 years, Sihing Justin is highly practiced in boxing and pad work fitness drills.

He also teaches privately in and around Bromley, Kent.
Please get in touch if you would like to contact him for a session.

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