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Wing Chun

What is Wing Chun?
Wing Chun is a Martial Art from Southern China dating back to its creation in the early 18th century. 

It is a system prided on explosive fast energies, without using strength to "overpower" an opponent. Wing Chun is a very direct system, and uses straight lines to close the gap between you and an opponent very quickly, thus making the art extremely effective at close quarters.

Wing Chun Principles

Centre Line Theory

The Centre Line Theory is a definitive part of the Wing Chun system, and maintaining control of both your opponents and your own centre lines, maintains your control over the confrontation. Because of this the Centre Line is highly protected as losing your hold of it, can be extremely dangerous. Control of the Centre Line also gives you the ability to prevent a larger or stronger opponent from using their strength/weight against you, and allows you to bypass and deflect this away from you or back at your opponent.

Simultaneous Defence and Attack

Wing Chun is one of the only Martial Arts to include simultaneous Defence and Attack. Whereas other arts will defend and then attack in a one two pattern, Wing Chun will defend and attack in the same movement, thus taking your opponent by surprise in a highly effective method of self defence. Being able to utilize simultaneous Defence and Attack is a difficult skill to master, but will make you a highly efficient Wing Chun practitioner.

Economy of Motion

Economy of Motion is the idea to keep every movement as simple and straightforward as possible. There are many difficult subtleties to the Wing Chun movements, but Wing Chun always strives to take the most direct simple approach. When traveling from A to B, why move in an arc when a straight line will get you there much quicker? You also don't want to over-exert yourself and waste valuable energy when there is always a quicker, more direct route you can take. This is especially relevant when engaging with someone of greater strength and size to yourself.

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